wrongful termination

Understanding your legal rights as an employee

Employees have some legal rights, but unfortunately most of the time they are unaware of them. These rights define the way employees should be treated at the workplace and also the relationship between employers and employees. It is important for everyone to know the basic legal rights that might be important when the need arises. Every employee should be treated with dignity by their employer and should not feel at a disadvantage in any way.  Nozari Legal employment lawyers offer proper interpretation of the legal rights of employees.

Basic legal rights of every employee

Work environment

The work environment of every employee should be safe andunsafe work enviroment friendly. For factory workers or those who work in a hostile environment, they should be provided with safety gear. For instance, factory worker should be provided with helmets, reflectors and other types of protective gear. If you feel that the employer is exposing your life or health to danger and they are not offering the protective measures, then it is time to take legal actions.

Payment and salaries

Every employee is entitled to a decent payment. Governments all over the world have set the minimum wage for the workers. Some employers pay their workers way below the minimum wage.

If you your employer does not meet the required minimum wage in your country, then it is time to consult a lawyer. There are also instances when the employee is paid less than the payment that was agreed, or there is an issue of non-payment for work done.


Employers are supposed to give a good reason before they fire an employee. Wrongful termination is a common problem, and this is a legal issue. To determine wrongful termination, it is essential for the employee to read the contract. Termination is only based on the contract that was signed by the employee. If they did not breach the contract, then the termination is not warranted.

Harassment and discrimination

sexual harassmentHarassment involves any form of unfair treatment from someone in a position of power. Sexual harassment is the most common form, and it might involve bosses asking for sexual favors or improper physical contact.

Discrimination, on the other hand, is where employers are profiled based on their race, gender, sexual orientation or any other groupings. All employees are entitled to equal opportunities based on qualifications and also performance in the workplace.